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The Big Island of Hawaii - Day 5 and 6

Oh man what a doozy of a day. I was slow getting up and moving. I feel absolutely horrible. I did go down to the pool with Annicakes for about 3 hours. Even with sunblock spf 70 I still burned. We made the most of our evening and headed to Kona for dinner, shopping and arcade time.

I was feeling pretty gross but it was our last full day/night on the island and I didn’t want to waste it for my kids. We opted to stay in for a beach/lagoon and pool day. Lex played with little shrimp and Annicakes and I floated in the water. A sea turtle swam a foot away from us! It didn't matter that I felt sick. This trip was expensive and my kids came first and damn it I was going to make sure they had a good time and made the most of our last day.

We headed to the room and damn if my fever wasn’t back. We canceled dinner plans and ate sandwiches in our hotel room. I think I was asleep by 8.


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