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The Big Island of Hawaii - Day 4, Volcanoes National Park

I didn’t have a chance to journal yesterday because I drove dang near 13 hours yesterday. We took a 2.45 hour drive to Volcanoes National Park. We took the scenic route heading west, south then up the east coast of the Big Island. We stopped along the way to buy a loaf of sweet bread at the Punaluʻu Bakery and make a stop at Black Sand beach/Punaluʻu Beach. There was hardly anything open in the park vicinity so we had to eat gas station subs. Surprisingly they were ok.

We got to the park and drove the entire thing. Saw many craters, steam vents, but no fresh lava which is better viewing at night.

We had a fancy schmancy dinner at The Volcano House. Seriously, for the three of us it was $167 including tip. However, the view was stunning and the food was nothing short of amazing.

We headed north to Hilo and hit Target. I needed sandals because my feet (I mean my dogs) were dead and I needed to get into looser shoes and was not driving barefoot.

Here’s our pics from yesterday. Impressive nonetheless, even if the kids got bored. You’ve seen one crater, you’ve seen them all.


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