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The Big Island of Hawaii - Day 2

Boy did we crash hard last night but we were able to get up around 730 so we’re off to a good start.

So more about the property. This resort is massively huge. We are staying at the Hilton Waikoloa Beach Resort in the Ocean Tower. To get to your “wing”, it’s about a 15 minute (3/4 mile trek) through an art gallery. You may also take the monorail or boat! I just love the monorail at this resort. It warns you when the doors are closing in both English and Japanese. Super cute. So far we have seen lots of koi in the waterway, a few mongoose (which are like squirrels are for us). Itty bitty lizards, and birds like to fly into buildings.

We started the day with a nice and expensive breakfast. Everything is big bucks here. Annicakes and I went to get the Jeep from the parking lot and I swear on someone-I-don’t-know-who-maybe-Voldemort but I swear I heard that spitting dinosaur hiding in the bushes/flora and I told her it was going to get us.

We went to Snorkel Bob’s to get our snorkel gear, bought some groceries and headed to a shopping area so we could pick up a few ball caps and I could get sunglasses to wear over my glasses like a dork. I don’t even care. We saw a few wild goats today too.

Then we headed to the pool next for a few hours to soak up the sun. It was overcast but even that and our spf 70 on my fair Polish skin I still freckled up.

I brought a deck of waterproof Uno! cards with us. Very cool but they’re kind of hard to stack-they slide easily. We had a blast playing a few rounds of it-very competitive group. Lex should consider playing in a league. I took pictures of everyone who was dealt a “Draw 4+” because them’s fightin’ words.

We chilled in our rooms before dinner and headed to Macaroni Grill. All in all a great day!


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