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The Big Island of Hawaii - Day 1

Well today is starting off great. Annicakes told me not to talk to her that she “can’t even deal” with my talking this early in the morning. Greaaat start. Hmmmm.

I did forget a few things. Locks on the suitcases that I just freaking bought. My prescription sunglasses. I’m devastated. At least I have a ball cap so that should help. Otherwise I’m getting the nasty clip on shades. I’m so blind without glasses. What’s funny is I remembered to bring a backup pair of regular glasses.

So where in the world are we going? I’m taking the girls to Hawaii (the Big Island, to be more specific) and hubs is staying home with the dogs. We’re also meeting Kim and Kellie there too! I’m excited for an all girls trip.

We had breakfast at the airport but honestly I couldn’t eat much. I have a cold/start of a sinus infection and the drainage is making me very nauseous. Negative Covid test and pretty sure it’s not Monkeypox ! I really hope I’m not feeling gross the entire trip. Started an antibiotic just in case.

Well first, Wanna know my huge win?! So excited! I have extra ROOM with the seat belt! Not tight. But loose!!! This is a huge deal. I don’t need the armrest up either. I realize I’m in premium economy so I have an extra inch, but still! I can even do the tray table with plenty of room. I’m so happy! 70 lbs is a huge difference! I also have the seat next to me open. STL to Denver was a 2:2 seating configuration for a 2.5 hour flight. When doing their safety checks they reminded us that the “lavatory doors do not shut on their own, make sure you hear the click that the door is closed”. . How many people has this happened to that it needed to be mentioned? I ended up watching “Friday” on this quick flight. Bye, Felicia!

While in the Denver airport, there was a woman pacing on the phone, just crying. I could hear her saying, “I’ll get there as soon as I can.” She was struggling and my heart went out to her. I walked over and offered her tissues and a sympathetic hint of a smile. She explained her husband fell down a flight of stairs and she was rushing to get home to him as they were taking him off life support. My advice for you is care deeply for others…even strangers.

After gate changes and a delayed flight we’re finally boarded for Kona. Hawaiian music is playing on the plane to get us in the Aloha spirit! I told Anni that I planned on napping. She said yeah right, you’ll be next to a screaming kid. Honestly it doesn’t bother me. My kids used to be the screaming kids. Now as for Anni, she doesn’t like kids in general. At takeoff queue the children screaming. She turns to me, deadpan, “I told you that you weren’t napping.” Now what I’m about to say will sound like like a slam to United. It’s not. Their food vendor is another thing all together. Aw man, quinoa salad, ok, mixed greens without any dressing, not ok, cold and dry chicken breast…really not ok. I could hardly cut it. The roll was good lol. I didn’t complain but asked the flight attendant how I could purchase snacks for the kids (they didn’t eat). He hooked us up with 3 meat/cheese/fruit/nuts snack sets. Man that was the best snack ever. Bonus, he said he’d only charge us for 1 which was really sweet of this FA.

Man this is a long flight. I did watch two good movies (The Wedding Singer and The Big Lebowski), and took a nap. I mean, The Dude abides…

We had a convertible booked but when we got there it only seated 4. There are 5 of us on this trip. So we’re now in a Jeep and I gotta say it’s super fun to drive.

Hotel is beautiful. We're staying at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort. More pics on that later.


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