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Smoky Mountain Christmas - 2021 - Day 5 Affordable, Family Friendly Travel

Affordable, family friendly travel to the Smoky Mountains.

Cabin breakfast
Cabin breakfast

We got a little earlier of a start today. Everyone is far more rested than we have been this entire trip. We made a huge breakfast this morning and then headed to Dollywood. Tomorrow we head back.

Freezing at Dollywood
Mama bear freezing

So far today we’ve dipped candles, rode rides, made a glass blown ornament, did our Christmas 2021 Old Tyme Holiday Photos. I stopped and watched the bald eagles on display. My Dad had hawks and falcons but without a doubt a love for birds of prey. I kind of lost myself for a moment. Lex was too. “You know, if your Grandpa was here, he’d tell us to go ride some rides so he could take his time with the eagles.” She agreed. Just that little thought, one little thought, made me smile and think of dad as well as make me miss him. Grief is funny like that.

We wrapped up the trip by heading back to the cabin early. We had every intention of staying to see the choreographed lights and fireworks but it was just too cold for us. On our way out of the park, Anni and I blessed a teenager with the remaining fast passes for the park. We headed back, cooked dinner and relaxed in the hot tub with the sound of the fireworks in the distance.

Hot tub time
Hot tub time
Hot tub time machine
Hot tub time machine

It was a good trip.


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