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Smoky Mountain Christmas - 2021 - Day 1 Affordable, Family-Friend Travel

Affordable, family-friendly travel to the Smoky Mountains!

There are 5 of us on our second annual Tennessee vacation. Barbara is a Little People goat and she is officially our mascot and companion for the trip. She’ll be in lots of pictures.

We stopped at Shoney’s in Clarksville, Tn, the halfway point to our cabin. Shoney’s was a long-time favorite of my Dad’s when we took family vacations. Dad: that buffet trip was a nod to you lol.

We got into town and stopped at the

Lodge Cast Iron shop. I already have 2 pans and 2 Dutch ovens so what do I get? Food items! I did text my Bil Nathan to see if he needed a cast iron wok. I didn’t touch it, but seriously I can only imagine how heavy it was. We were right next door to the World’s Largest Knife Store but I skipped over it. It’s nunchucks I want, not a samurai or hunting knife.

Everything on the strip is crazy busy. We were able to check into the cabin early so we headed there before lunch/dinner…linner? To say the cabin is gorgeous is an understatement. Three levels, 3 bedrooms with showers and jacuzzi tubs, hot tub on the deck, air hockey, pool table, arcade cabinet. (Highly recommend Dollywood Cabins-we’ve already booked for 2022 too!). Seriously, very reasonably priced.

Our evening wrapped up with linner at The Old Mill, hitting some shops and the grocery store. As I journal this, Ed’s in one jacuzzi tub (heart shaped of course), Anni in the other and Lex has retreated to her basement bedroom to crash. We’re an hour ahead and it’s close to 9. Sounds like Lex has the right idea.

Pics of our cabin below...highly recommend Dollywood Cabin Rentals!


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