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Seattle, Washington - Highlights from a Business Trip

This particular trip brought me to Seattle for training. The training was offered at the Sheraton Grand Seattle and it was a no brainer to stay here. I had no rental car and relied on Uber to get me around the city when I wasn't studying.

Breakfast was included in the training and it was THE SAME EXACT BREAKFAST EVERY DAY. I was never one to like avocados before but learned to acquire the taste for avocado toast sprinkled with sea salt.

I wish I could recall the name of this little Italian restaurant that a small group of us ventured out to. All I remember was that it was near a 7-11 Market in a part of Seattle at night that I did not feel all that comfortable in.

The waitress handed out menus but said not to order off of it. She recommended family style we just needed to decide how much per person we were willing to spend. We went with $30pp each for the Canadians and their low allowances for meals. She said they’d surprise us. I was apprehensive wondering what we would be served.

What a feast! The food was divine! We had meatballs, fried cheese balls just slightly smaller than a softball, salad, garlic bread, and a plate of deli meats. That was just the apps! Pasta was a Penne Alfredo and the main course, I forgot the name, was a pork loin cooked in peppers (eww) served on a bed of polenta. Pasta good, pork not so much.

So I’m keeping a running list of my foods I've tried this trip.

Added to my I’ll-try-again-list: avocado

Add to my will-not-eat-list: pork tenderloin that has been simmered in red bell peppers

I made my way down to Pike Place Market and the Piers to hunt for seafood. Maybe it's the water sign in me but I love being on the sea, near the sea, and most things that come from the sea. Dining at The Crab Pot Seattle was an obvious choice on Miner's Landing Pier 57.

I ordered a pound of Alaskan King Crab Legs. You can't go wrong with a sweet, meaty crab leg if cost is of no concern and, well, it wasn't my money as this was my training budget. I snacked on some fresh baked sourdough bread and enjoyed the salty breeze and the sounds of the sea birds.

The waitress made her way to my table with a bag of seafood. My table was lined with butcher paper and I was surprised when she dumped the food in front of me ON THE TABLE as she gently placed a wooden mallet and a seafood cracker beside it. This meal definitely did not disappoint and while I have been to Seattle two times since, The Crab Pot Seattle has made the list of restaurants to return to.

On this trip I learned two fun facts about the area that I had no idea about.

1. The Pacific Northwest has the most Bigfoot sightings in the world.

2. Marijuana is legal.

Those two may or may not be related.

I had some free time and did make my way over to Pike Place Market and the Space Needle.

All in all, I recommend Sheraton Grand Seattle with a 6/10 and The Crab Pot Seattle with a score of 9/10. A restaurant doesn't have to be expensive to be rated just has to be good food!

Pike Place Market is always bustling with things to see, people to watch and snacks to try. It would be a shame to come to Seattle and not venture around the market. However, the Space Needle was underwhelming.


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