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Panama City Beach, Florida - Affordable Girls Trip - Day 2

View from hotel room
View from hotel room Panama City Beach, FL

Day 2 of our affordable girls trip. Wow, what a FUN day!! (At least I try. My kids think I’m goofy but I will not let them say they didn’t have fun with me on vacation. It’s a good thing I can make fun of myself!)

We slept in and had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. Anni HAD to have yogurt...then couldn’t figure out why it tasted bad. The fruit is on the bottom, Anni, on the bottom! Right on the label. Whew, crisis averted.

Family pic with resort mascot
Just take the goofy pictures!

We had our photo taken with a dolphin, and I mean, I couldn’t pass that up. I also embarrassed Anni because I made the mistake of asking the bussers how their day was. The nerve.

Off to the beach during peak sun hours because no I don’t have Polish skin and burn. <insert sarcasm here> We rented beach chairs with umbrella and that was so worth it.

Three gals on the beach
Three gals on the beach
Soakin' up the sun
Soaking' up the sun

Walking the beach
Walking the beach
Baking in the sun
Baking in the sun
Shell creation
Stingray made of shells

The girls swam in the gulf, I relaxed in the shade with a knee exposed. (This is important for later-remember this). The water was wonderful though a bit wild at the shoreline. Yellow flags. Yeah, so getting INTO the water was no issue. Getting out, well, was a traumatic experience with my bum leg. End result, two skinned knees and Alexi helped pull me up.

We ended up at the pool bar and I treated myself to a painkiller. Holy f$&@@&k That was a strong drink. I had to have them add some more juice! I danced at the table for Anni because I’m not allowed to have fun.

Tropical drink
Tropical drink
Two girls posing poolside
Posing poolside

Frozen boozy drink
And another frozen concoction
Poolside mama
One too many frozen drinks

Dinner was up the road at Jin Jin Fusion. Very nice on the inside. This menu was insane. It had a huge variety of Japanese and Chinese dishes. Food was pretty good and honestly each of us found something to enjoy. Their music selection was appreciated as well. I mean, anytime House of Pain "Jump Around" comes on, it’s about to go down. Oh yeah. Oh no. Nope, that would also embarrass my tween. Yet when YMCA came on it was perfectly ok for HER to do it .

Onward to axe throwing! Yes, I know we have it locally but this seemed like a kick ass thing to do on vacation. Anni tried a few times. I hit bullseye once. Lex hit it too and video (attached) is her proudly ringing the bell. I didn’t know it was a thing but hey, at least there’s photo proof of my throw.

Axe throwing by teenage girl
Nice throw!
Woman axe throwing
Take the goofy pic!

Bullseye at axe throwing

Top down on the strip with the music cranked, we had car karaoke and scored some Dippin’ Dots. It’s 9:30pm and frankly I am ready for sleep!

And that naked knee I mentioned earlier? It had SPF 70 on it. Must’ve missed a spot! That's gonna hurt tomorrow...


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