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Panama City Beach, Florida - Affordable Girls Trip - Day 1

Preface: I’m went with the girls on my own at PCB. We flew, didn’t drive. Ed stayed home to watch dogs. 3 dang dogs in a kennel is costly and Ed’s not much on beaches. However, this was an extremely affordable girls trip!

Day 1 of Panama City Beach, Fl.

We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare thanks to TSA PreCheck. Sooooo worth it. All of my sunblock and mini bottle of laundry soap had to be thrown out as they were carryon bags. I didn’t even think about checked vs carryon. Eh, we knew we’d make a Walmart run.

Convertible time!
Convertible time!

We landed right on time but the line to get cars was insane. We had to Google how to lower the roof on the convertible.

We had time to burn so we headed over to Pineapple Willies for late lunch. I was starting to get pink with the top down, and while a beachfront table would be awesome well I promptly overpaid for a pair of sunglasses for Lex and sunblock for us.

Pineapple Willie's
Pineapple Willie's

Pineapple Willies had a great menu and so many drinks. I recommend giving them a try.

Then we headed over to Rock It Lanes (bowling, arcade and roller skating). Games are half off on Tuesday’s-sweet! So they had quite the D&B style look. I’d recommend.

The claw machine
The claw machine
Girl addicted to claw machine
Always the claw machine

We ended up at Walmart for all of our missing items. Stocked up our full size fridge. We’re staying at the Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach. Very impressive-it’s not a chain we typically stay at.

Pizza by the pool
Pizza by the pool

Beach, pool, dinner at poolside with take out pizza.

All in all, a good day 1!



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