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Canary Islands - Day 7

We started our day with breakfast. Ed and I got massages. Hot stone massages for 85 minutes. Amazing!

We loved our guide from yesterday so much we booked her again! Lola is beyond awesome. Excellent English and Spanish (she is from mainland Spain).

So we drove. I asked, how do you bury your dead? In the Caribbean there are stone burial vault above ground just like…there. In Lanzarote they have outdoor mausoleums where you can see the, uh, drawers the caskets go into. At least I assume it’s a casket and not a morgue drawer. Anyway, I found it interesting.

Our first stop was Teguise where we shopped and had a wonderful tapas lunch, though they call it brunch here…it was 2pm. We saw a little shop that makes these tiny guitars called times. We didn’t go in but still neat. We decided it was time for the beach! Onward to the town of Famara.

Famara is most definitely a beach-y town. Lola said it is full of hippies who smoke up 🤣. We passed a house on the main strip by the harbor and saw a cute dog. Looking in we see this dude stark naked as the day he was born cleaning his house. Windows open. Again, nudity is not an issue here.

We set up beach blankets, swam, and the girls learned how to boogie board. Lola brought one for us to try. This is also s big surfing area so many little surf shops with lessons and tours.

We spent about two hours there and definitely feeling our skin start to sizzle even with sunblock. Gorgeous beach, though a challenge to walk to from the road. I had on beach socks and walking on the stones and sand proved to be a challenge.

We left and headed to the Cesar Manrique house and museum, Lago Mar. Apparently you can go in and have a drink at the bar. So we were pretty surprised that it was €8 per person to get in. Definitely not free as Lola had thought.

Feeling the sunburn setting in, quick stop to pick up some aloe gel and cream. Lola and I can in where I learned you can use it on lady bits for many things 🤣🤣! She is so funny.

We were sad to leave her as we had so much fun with her. Alas, time to head to the room and pack up. This became an angry game of Tetris as Ed complained many times that we bought too much. It was not fun times and we did have to toss a number of toiletries which frustrated me. I don’t like to waste like that especially since I bought extra nice containers for toiletries. Oh well off to catch about 5 hours of sleep!

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