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Canary Islands - Day 3

Our room is running about 75 degrees which is pretty warm for us. Our house is typically at 69. Regardless, it’s a problem because Ed can’t sleep.

I woke the girls up and Ed hadn’t slept all night. Sleeping arrangements are jacked up in our room. One bedroom is the coolest. That ended up being the girls room. However, our room was warmer and Anni has wanted to sleep with me so Ed is on the couch, which is the warmest room so this is not making sense. We headed to breakfast and left Ed to snooze and hopefully get in a better mood before his massage.

I had to have a tough conversation with the girls, namely Lex, about petting stray cats. As previously mentioned, we’ve seen like 5 so far. Her heart is in the right place but she needs to use caution.

I had a lymphatic drainage massage. It was so good I had to leave mid-massage and use the restroom! Apparently that’s normal to have to go, not normal to go mid-massage 🤣. I definitely felt less swollen (retaining fluid). I think at one point I had a wardrobe malfunction and something slipped out which is funny and something worth mentioning in general. Nudity and being ashamed of it really isn’t a thing in Europe. Ed and Annicakes saw topless sunbathers. She was shocked, clearly not remembering past European trips. It just…is…here. Like nothing to see.

Anyway, it was a good massage. He adjusted my back and I cracked like a glow stick all the way up my spine. Dare I say that the pinched nerve coming from my neck is less flared up?! Annicakes and Lex got facials and Ed had a massage too. We definitely feel refreshed!

I did a little souvenir shopping in the shop at the resort. The shop owner was a neat guy, practicing magic tricks on his customers. I watched him shake the card reader and out fell coins. He pulled out a sucker behind Lex’s ear. He was so fun. It was nice to see someone who truly enjoyed their job.

By now it’s lunch time. We headed to the buffet. It’s very similar to a cruise ship buffet. It’s not bad or anything. They do have 2 specialty restaurants at the resort and tonight we’ll go to the Asian one (last night was Canarian).

Walking back to the room we stopped for a quick pose with a person dressed up as a turtle. Not like Ninja Turtle level of cool but a family photo that we didn’t have yet.

Lex ditched us for a nap so Ed, Annicakes and I headed to the pool. It definitely felt hotter today so the pool was nice. Then Ed ditched us for a nap. Then there were two! We lounged in the sun probably a little longer than we should have before heading back to the room for showers. Nothing better than a vacation nap!

Dinner was at the Asian restaurant. Best food we’ve had so far! We were all kind of tired and moody so we went back to the room and relaxed before crashing.

All in all, another fun day.

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