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Canary Islands - Day 2

“Ewwww! I look like two llamas attacked me!”-Annicakes thoughts on waking up with no makeup. 🤣

This quote kicks off our first vacation day with no travel. I had an alarm set for 630am. We hit snooze until 830am. Buffet breakfast was ok. Anni and I played Uno Splash poolside. It’s basically a laminated deck. No special rules or anything. That girl loves Uno.

It’s supposedly a heated pool. Uh huh. Air temp is nice. Low 70’s. Ocean temp is like 68 degrees, so chilly as well. 🥶

We talked with a nice family from the UK. Very sweet family. I tried to converse in German with a woman who spoke no English, and me having a few years in high school, well, I can greet people and act like I know what’s going on with sentence fillers but I can definitely remember how to tell someone to please pass the fish. I can see that will come in handy on this trip. 🙄

Ed and Annicakes headed to the beach. Lex went to shoot archery. Then that leaves Mom with all the gear but a nice spot on a comfy sun lounger. Definitely not complaining!

It is interesting traveling with two “boy crazy” girls who respectively turn 14 and 20 this summer. Annicakes is posing for selfies, clearly obsessed with her appearance, and playing music. Lex dressed up yesterday in a skirt and a crop top with heeled sandals. Tell me, who are these aliens?! They are supposed to be my babies!

Lex came back long enough to get a fruity drink, no alcohol, and ran off with her new friend Nickola from the UK. She’s 22 and here with her sister on “holiday”. They’re headed to play darts. I’m glad Lex is having fun.

We braved the cool water temps and swam. It wasn’t all that bad. I interviewed Lex on video. She had many questions about the mating doves perched above us. I hadn’t expected to have a literal talk about birds and needs yet there we were.

Annicakes practiced flips for Olympic scores. We also saw a cat drinking from the pool. They have wild cats (or pets?) on the grounds here. They also have little neon green parrots and monk parakeets. They are very noisy.

Of course, we grabbed an afternoon nap because why not? We had dinner at the Canarian restaurant tonight with local delicacies. It was good. I’m still not sure what meat was in the meat fiesta but good nonetheless.

We also had to school our girls on how to follow times in 24-hr military time. We missed bingo by two hours!

We hiked into town for about 10 minutes to hit a supermarket. Picked up some snacks for the room. Annicakes was begging to go back to the ocean with her Daddy so Lex and I got the show times RIGHT this time and waited for their comedy show.

As we waited we played Uno and I really wanted some foreigners to play with us. I pictured nothing short of playing with two German men who are drunk and get worked up when I play my draw 4 card. Did that happen? No. Probably would have been too good of a story for all of you. Anyway, beat her twice and then it was showtime.

Very cute show. Minimal language spoken but you could still get the gist of it. I asked Lex if she wanted to go to the disco afterwards. She declined my invitation.

We get back to the room and Ed has the munchies. There’s supposedly always food available 24/7 but the after hours food wasn’t open and the main buffet was closing or closed. Ed had asked the lobby if we had any options and they said to pop into main buffet that it would still be open. Sign said closed but they still had stuff out. Ed being the rebel he is sneaks in, a worker yelled at him to read the sign, and he went about getting his cheese and crackers. I made a mad dash for a banana and felt so horribly guilty and embarrassed. Ed had no shame as he munched on bleu cheese.

As I finished this journal, I’ll reflected on how I beat both daughters at Uno...a day that shall go down in history.


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