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Australian Adventures - Manly Beach

4/24: part 10

Off to start the day! Crepes for breakfast. Everyone had sweet crepes except I went for the savory ones. Very delicious!

Took the ferry to Manly Beach area. We walked along side the beach for a bit as Ed and Annicakes went down to the water. As Lex and I sat in the shade a bit, we saw two "sausage" dogs! Love dachshunds! Missing the dogs at this point. It's our last day here and we fly back tomorrow.

Walked around the shopping area. Had pizza and wagyu beef burgers for lunch. Not much to do here other than the beach and people watching.

We're heading back on the ferry and Annicakes gets annoyed with a guy sitting behind her who keeps kneeing her chair. "Can I tell him to quit being rude? He's being rude." "No, you are not picking a fight on the ferry."

By the time we get back to the room, I'm as sick as a dog. Some kind of virus I picked up. We rested before dinner and had THE BEST ITALIAN MEAL EVER. Packed up and ready to head to airport early in the morning.

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