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An Iceland Adventure- Selfoss

Today we ate at the room, packed up and headed to The Golden Circle. We  headed for Thingvellir National Park.  This is where the tectonic plates collide from North America and Europe.  You can snorkel in the river that runs through it, but must don a dry suit and on not all about that.  Wet suits are bad enough!

Back on the road we briefly stopped at the Fontana Bread Experience.  This is where they have stock pots with bread dough and bake underground in the geothermal area for one day. Then pop it out and enjoy! We skipped the tour because it was rye bread and neither of us are fans.

Next stop, Strokkur Geyser.   With the windchill it was about 23 degrees Fahrenheit and my lungs were struggling. Ed walked up to get a pic of geysir. Old Faithfull it was not.  He said it was pretty uneventful.  Gullfoss Waterfall was worth the stairs down to the platform to snap pics even if my lungs did protest!

We stopped at Bru Horsefarm to snap a pic. They had horse candy you could feed them but we didn’t have any local currency. We’ve used our card everywhere here.

Selfoss is a cute little town. Our hotel was lovely. Spacious and luxurious. We took a nap and then headed to the food hall for pad Thai and pizza. Another good food court meal!  🤣

We went to stop for ice cream but it closed early. We headed back to the room instead. I’m still so fatigued. Ed ventured out to the ice cream shop that’s connected to the hotel.  I crashed early.

Meanwhile back home, tornado warnings and hail storms. Girls are ok. Annicakes made crème brûlée. We down own a torch to carmelize the top.


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