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An Experience in St. Martin - Perfume

This was many years ago, but I did verify that even after Hurricane Irma in 2017 that you can still do this wonderful experience. Also, worth noting, you can also do this stateside in Charleston or New Orleans, too, at Tijon. We made our own perfume! (By the way, this was in 2011, so four score and 100 pounds ago-don't judge. I don't even look like that anymore).

Inside Tijon Fragrance
Inside Tijon Fragrance

St. Martin in a gem in the Caribbean. St. Maarten is the Dutch side while St. Martin is the French side; both two different countries. We traveled to St. Martin in 2011 and had an absolute blast. More to come on that. But this post is dedicated to a fun experience at Tijon.

Lab for perfume creation
Lab set up for creating our perfume

They taught us everything we needed to know about fragrance. We learned about when scents would go together but also about carrier oils, what to mix with, how to mix, etc. Very detailed and it was set up like a lab! With lab coats and all!

Girl selecting her oils for her perfume
Selecting her oils for her perfume

My youngest had a blast smelling all of the scents to make her perfume. I will say, the perfumes that we made lasted MANY YEARS. They did not lose their scent one bit or smell off at all.

Ladies making perfume
The crew making perfume

All in all this was a very neat experience to do with my 8 year old and a friend of the family traveling with us.

I highly recommend an experience like this for a girls outing or even a bachelorette party. And yes, guys can make cologne too.


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