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Alaskan Adventures - At Sea

Out at sea on the Norwegian Encore
Out at sea on the Norwegian Encore

I woke up early and decided I’d have some “me” time while Ed was still asleep. All showered, wet hair, I headed out onto the balcony. Now, today is our “at sea” day as we head to the northern most point of the trip and then meander back down. Currently we’re off the coast of Vancouver Island. Our balcony looks out to sea. Anyway, so I thought it’d be a good idea to let my hair air dry (our balcony is super windy).

Relaxing on the balcony at sea
Some quiet time on the balcony, enjoying the breeze, the salty air and the waves as they lapped against the ship

Yes, Jen chose poorly.”-Narrator.

Dang it’s cold! Weather app says it’s currently 58F. I’m literally sitting on the balcony in jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and a blanket. But you know what? I’m listening to the wind whip around the boat, the waves splashing below, and the smell of the salty air literally warms my soul. Life is good. I’m always in my happy place when near the ocean.

Origami on the Norwegian Encore
Our attempt at Origami

We had an absolutely huge breakfast. Oh man, so much food available on cruises! Since we’re stuck on the boat today we’re taking advantage of every activity. I have learned that I am not very skilled in Origami. Ed was much better with his version of a whale. (Pics in this post). We also sat in on fruit/vegetable carving. Why yes, this is middle-age! The chef is up there carving away (it was pretty cool how he got to the watermelon “meat”) and he asks the crowd if we can tell yet what he’s carving. Some goofball in the crowd yells, “A watermelon!” I don’t know why but it cracked me up.

In the morning we were traveling at 22 knots, we’ve covered 335 miles with another 557 miles to go. We’ll arrive in Juneau tomorrow afternoon. It’s raining this afternoon-a huge batch of rain headed our way. Ed took a picture and sent it to the girls…

Carving watermelon
Carving watermelon

Lex: “Is your boat flooded?

Annicakes: “RIP

Vacations need afternoon naps so yeah, I indulged. We played Deal or No Deal. I won $50! We played Bingo. I won $1! I played Roulette. I walked away flat broke!

During dinner, I started in with a bad headache and laid back down for a bit. I missed the comedy show during my 4 hour nap. Ed went and said it was a pretty good show. It’s now 11pm and the sun just set about 15 minutes ago. Tomorrow, sunrise is at 430am. My guess is with the long nap I’ll watch sunrise.

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22 juil. 2023
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OMGosh, Annicakes cracks me up…RIP lol I’d have cracked up at the watermelon carving too.

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