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Affordable Smoky Mountain Christmas - Day 5

Our affordable Smoky Mountain Christmas!

Dollywood Train
Dollywood Train

We slept in…I still woke up at 8am. We made homemade donuts and took our time getting ready. Today is Dollywood and the park doesn’t open until 11am. Fun fact, if you stay in a Dollywood Cabin you get preferred parking and extra park hours.

The girls have been on a few rides. We were trying to decide if we wanted to go on bumper cars. Overheard over the sound of squeaky cars, “It sounds like your car!" Not mine.

The girls and I went on the teacups. Oh

my we spun it so fast it was hard to get video but it was a blast. It took a full 30 seconds to get my eyeballs back straight in my head. Wowza. We headed to the Craftsmen’s Corner and while they were looking at Squishmallows I was waiting outside. There was a banjo player. He was good. No one paid any attention to him so I clapped for him when his song was over. Then he left. I thought I’d get an encore but he never came back. He bailed and went to the next store up the way and played there. . I was offended lol.

Dollywood ride
Enjoying a ride

I went on a few rides. Nothing very crazy. The one that probably wouldn’t have been advisable I couldn’t get the lap-bar down with my coat. Probably a good thing.

Two girls on rides at Dollywood
Away from Mom and Dad

The girls ditched us for the wilder rides so we did things like go on Blazing fury aka Fire In The Hole and took pictures with bears.

Posing at Dollywood
Strike a pose! Always take the pic. Always!

This bear. Ok. So I saw him out and I’m thinking yeah I needs me a picture with that bear. I beeline over there and wait my turn. A few kids in line ahead of us did scary bear faces with the bear, and he did the pose too. My turn? Ed and I do the pose and what does the bear do? He waves. Such a letdown. My kids will always remember me as acting goofy and a reminder to take the pic. Just do it!

By 6pm we were cold and tired. Nothing a little gas station pizza wouldn’t fix. I don’t know why we thought it’d be a good idea to trust gas station pizza but honestly it did not disappoint. We took it back to the cabin, ate, and we all retreated to our own spaces. It’s 8pm and I’m shutting down the journal for tonight. It’s an early day tomorrow as we leave before dawn in hopes of seeing the smarter-than-your-average-bear bears. Plus, I have to be up early to pack lunches too.


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