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Affordable Smoky Mountain Christmas - Day 3

Our affordable Smoky Mountain Christmas!

Pancake Pantry
Pancake Pantry

I set my alarm for pretty early so that I could get showered and be ready for Pancake Pantry or as Ed affectionately refers to as “Pancakery”. I seriously could not figure out the shower! Now to be fair, I think the shower hardware has been weird for the last few rentals. After about no less than 5 minutes I finally figured it out.

We made our way to Gatlinburg for breakfast. We turn on my favorite-named road: Boogertown Road. Yes. Ed says, “Everyone put their finger up their nose!” We didn’t but it was still pretty funny.

Pancake Pantry Menu
Pancake Pantry Menu

We had a yummy breakfast, maybe 30 minutes tops in line. We walked the village, shopped along the way. I got myself a Bigfoot scarf. There was a hilarious Bigfoot shirt I wanted but they didn’t have any size above a medium. It was hipster Bigfoot.

Girl with yeti prize
Just what we need...another stuffed animal

We went into the arcade and played some games. Promptly sucked at Skee-ball and the Willy Wonka coin game. Damn Oompa Loompas staring at me while I’m trying to knock down coins that were precariously teetering on the edge along with a card. That card would give me a ton of tickets…that would go straight on over to the kids to redeem for trinkets. I didn’t get that lone card. Did we come back with trinkets. Of course. We also hit up Sugarlands Distillery.

Sugarlands Distillery
Sugarlands Distillery

We decided to come back and crash for awhile. Anni played on her phone while the rest of us snoozed. We fade Spaceballs was on so we watched that and made pork tenderloin seasoned with some of the new maple bacon sea salt, fresh green beans, and either a baked potato or Mac n cheese. It was interesting trying to cook on the stove. Like seriously, why are things goofy at our cabins? Two burners didn’t work! Guess I’ll call maintenance tomorrow.

After dinner we had every attempt to play Disney Villains CLUE game but Caddyshack was on and, well, priorities to watch a movie I’ve seen 20 times from my childhood…doody! Lex had never watched it before.

Ty Webb: You take drugs, Danny?

Danny Noonan: Every day.

Ty Webb: Good. Then what’s your problem?

Danny Noonan: I don’t know.

Ed and Annicakes played a round of air hockey. I might have heard some smack talk. I skipped the hot tub tonight. By 9pm I was tired. I knew I’d have to be up early to cook breakfast tomorrow.

Litttle girl in cabin
That face though...


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