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Affordable Smoky Mountain Christmas - Day 2

Our affordable Smoky Mountain Christmas!

Shoney's Breakfast
Gotta stop in memory of my Dad

We woke up early (before alarms), got ready, and headed to Shoney’s for breakfast. We stop every year in memory of my Dad. We also bought a scraper for the windows. Why? On the 22nd it’s supposed to be a decent snow and that was one thing I forgot to throw in the car. They probably thought but was a weird purchase on a 45 degree day. Always be prepared!

We made good time. Knoxville traffic was worse than Nashville traffic, hands down.

Our cabin was ready early so we got there, unpacked the car, entered the door code. 448811. Beep. Hmmmm. 4-4-8-8-1-1. Beep. 4. 4. 8. 8. 1. Be-eeep. Hmmm. We tried everything. User error? Luckily the rental agency was still open and they sent a nice gentleman from maintenance. After he reset/rekeyed we were good!

We have a three level cabin. The main level (which is still a flight of stairs to climb and haul?stuff up) has the kitchen, dining room, living room, second bedroom and bathroom. If you go down a level it’s the game room. It has an arcade machine, foosball , air hockey, darts, and a pool table. This is an extremely narrow circle staircase. On the upper level, is the master bedroom with sitting area and master bath with a heart shaped jacuzzi tub. Each level has a deck. The upper level has the hot tub and rocking chairs. Middle level, more chairs. Our cabin is stocked so we didn’t need to bring a ton yet our vehicle was so loaded down.

We headed to The Old Mill area that’s close to the cabin. The wait for the restaurant was 1.5 hours so we had time to burn. We we picked up a fresh loaf of sourdough bread for the week. I bought some sea salts and we stocked up on fudge. We had an awesome dinner. The Old Mill Restaurant is so good. A bit expensive but worth it. You order your protein. You’re served soup, salad, corn fritters/bread, mashed potatoes and green beans…all served family-style. Drinks and desserts are included. We always stop here because the food is just that good.

Dinner at The Old Mill Restaurant
Enjoying dinner
Mac and cheese at The Old Mill Restaurant
Anni ate her mac n cheese!

After dinner we headed to the grocery store. We’ll do a handful of meals at the cabin. It’s got everything you’d need kitchen-wise.

Hot tub at cabin
Hot tub time machine

Time to enjoy the hot tub! I think I lasted maybe 5 minutes. Where we are, we are so high up so it is super windy and I mean it’s winter sooooo. I had a cup of cocoa and chilled out inside. Anni brought a bunch of bath bombs so she took a bubble bath AFTER the hot tub.

She cracks me up.

All in all a good day.


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