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A Gem In The Caribbean - St. Martin and Octopus Diving!

Young girl snorkeling
Learning to snorkel!

In 2011 our family went with my best friend and another friend to St. Martin, a gem in the Caribbean. I loved loved loved this island! We did venture over to the Dutch side for a bit but much preferred the calmer side that is the French side.

Sea turtle swimming by
Sea turtle swimming by

One particular day we decided we wanted to take a snorkel cruise and booked Octopus Diving. You can book with them here (the other link is their IG page). I verified, they're still in business, even after Hurricane Irma in 2017! They are THAT GOOD and rated the #1 excursion for diving/snorkeling on the island...especially for cruise ships.

Eagle ray gliding by
Eagle ray gliding by

We booked a 3 hour snorkeling tour and because there were 6 of us it ended up being a private tour which was nice. They were so patient with us. My oldest was 8 at the time and was nervous about snorkeling. The woman who was the joint owner was wonderful with my daughter. She took her out on her own and taught her how to snorkel and honestly that experience impacted her in such a way that she loves snorkeling today.

Gorgeous scenery on snorkel cruise
Gorgeous scenery

We saw some awesome sea life while we were on the snorkel expedition. We saw eagle rays, sea turtles, sea urchins, barracuda (which left us alone), and plenty of fish. It was truly a magical experience.

Baby enjoying the water
Youngest enjoying the snorkel cruise

The little one even got in the water for a bit! We'd take turns snorkeling and playing with her. My youngest was a champ. Really, both girls are GREAT travelers and great in the water.

All in all, I cannot recommend this snorkeling experience enough in St. Martin. I highly recommend Octopus Diving!

Baby sleeping on boat
All tuckered out!


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