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Australian Adventures Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Center

We went to Tjapukai aboriginal culture center (which sadly has since closed it's doors after Covid). Very cool experience! The girls had their faces painted, we watched 3 shows, learned about bush foods and weaponry. We were rained out for boomerang and spear throwing. Kids got t-shirts and boomerangs so we can practice at home.

Back at the hotel, the girls helped feed the barramunde in the ponds on the grounds. They are predatory fish and attacked their food. It was crazy.

Around lunch we headed to Sydney. We're meeting up with a long time internet/pen pal friend of mine!

Security everywhere in Sydney. We saw Air Force One; the Vice President is in town.

The view from up top of our hotel is amazing!

Things I've learned so far...Burger King = Hungry Jacks. Same logo, same menu, different name.

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