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A Gem In The Caribbean - St. Martin and Grand Case Beach Club!

We went to St. Martin in 2011, before Hurricane Irma hit the island, but I'm happy to report things have been rebuilt and that includes our recommendation for the Grand Case Beach Club Resort.

Beach at the Grand Case Beach Club Resort
Beach at the Grand Case Beach Club Resort

I wish I had pictures of the resort and the rooms as they were amazing, but honestly, after so many years and a hurricane, I know they have been revamped. I will say, the resort was simply lovely and would recommend.

The rooms are set up like like apartments (or at least they were) which gave us plenty of space. The grounds were lush and were gorgeous to walk in the afternoons or evenings after dinner at the restaurant. We had Caribbean lobster and freshly prepared fish which was very nice-I do remember that-it stands out as a phenomenal meal.

Snorkeling off the beach was pretty good, I remember a ton of sea urchins (watch out!) and tons of fish. There were no waves so the kids could play and easy to get into the water. They also had beach chairs and umbrellas for guests on their private beach.

Baby sleeping in the shade on the beach
Once again, tuckered out at the beach

All in all, I would absolutely return to St. Martin and would return to this property.


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