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Smoky Mountains - Affordable Family Travel - Day 3 Itinerary

Here's another quick itinerary for affordable family travel in Pigeon Forge.

Well, we know what the fire alarms sound like here in the cabin.

We attempted to fry some bacon and I fried homemade donuts. So much bacon smoke. Tasted good though. The kitchen in our Dollywood Cabin is spacious and fully stocked with everything you'd need for cooking.

Posing with a vulture - Dollywood
Posing with a vulture - Dolllywood

Around 11am we got to Dollywood. We have multi-day passes so we can come and go as we want.

We also have preferred part and the ability to bypass the line on most rides too since we’re in an official Dollywood cabin.

They went on rides, I sat. More rides, more sitting. It was perfectly fine with me as I was more than a normal sore from yesterday. They are having a great time and that’s why we’re here.

They deserve it.

2020 has been a crappy year for everyone.

We didn’t eat lunch until 3pm and I was hangry. Unfortunately it didn’t ease up after food and we were all pretty tired, so we headed back to the cabin to rest up. Dinner at Cracker Barrel, dip in the hot tub while fireworks went off, and just crashed.


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