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Smoky Mountains - Affordable Family Travel - Day 2 Itinerary

Boogertown Road
Takin' ya to Boogertown

Day 2 of our affordable family travel-our way!

We started our day super early and headed for Gatlinburg. Our cabin is in Pigeon Forge. The driving here scares me.

Ed was dying to hit this place affectionately named “Pancake Pantry”. It did not disappoint.

We had time to burn so we toured Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. It was not bad! There’s another aquarium in the Smokies but that’s in Chattanooga. It was really cute to see that they decorated the inside of housing with candy canes. How stinking cute! We did miss the penguin parade, which easy for another 3.5 hours, and we were not staying that long.

By the time we wrapped up there, the shops were open and we’re always ready to shop! One side of the parkway had the classy shops. The other side had the vape shops, cbd shops, and a China Baazar that sold swords and nunchucks. I should have gotten a set. We got things that are unique to the area, especially this Cotton Candy wine from Gatlinburg Wine Cellar. I tasted 3 wines. I don’t even like wine but damn it was so good I had to pick up 3 bottles.

We recharged our batteries for a few hours back at the cabin before we headed to Dollywood for the evening. Our passes were valid for all days of our stay and it’s only 10 minutes away so we’re splitting up our time there. Anyway, I tried to teach Anni his to play pool. That was an extremely frustrating endeavor.

Dollywood Christmas

I just had a spinal fusion this summer and I’m not completely healed. But honestly, I hadn’t planned on going on any rides anyway. I’m liking the park being opened way under what it should be. I want to say maybe 25%? They went on rides until it was time for our dinner reservation at Aunt Granny’s. Another family-style meal. They went on more rides after dinner and honestly by 8:30pm I was done. We had walked a total of 5 miles today and I was just plain old done.

Quarantine Christmas
Quarantine Christmas


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