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Panama City Beach, Florida - Affordable Girls Trip - Day 5

This has been, by far, one of our best vacations! It truly was an affordable girls trip!

3 ladies in a convertible
Top down one last time

Yesterday was definitely a day of relaxation. The girls slept in. We had wanted to meet family at the beach in Navarre but honestly, after my previous traumatic beach experience I didn’t want a repeat of that. Instead, what does one ALWAYS do on their last day? Souvenir shop!!! But first, lunch!

We ordered DoorDash to the room from Shane’s bbq. It was pretty good-similar to SugarFire or Bandanas.

Alvin’s Island is THE PLACE for all souvenirs and beach stuffs. Anni picked out a clown fish on a lead to which he’s now officially known as “Emo Nemo”. Very clever. Of course, we *might* have gotten a few things for Jack too! Ironically we ran into a FB friend while there-what are the chances?!

Walking a fish
Walking a fish?

Top down, crazy hair, we started our two hour trek to Navarre. A two hour tour. A two hour tour. Ok, maybe not like Gilligans’ Island. It was a good drive. We had a restaurant picked out to meet at, but they were closed. It was a favorite place of my Mom and Dad’s so it had to be good. We ended up at Broussard’s Bayou. Lex and I got to try fried gator. According to Lex, it tasted like chicken but had the consistency of beef. Very salty.

It was SO GOOD to see my Florida kin. We were able to see almost everyone. I snapped a few pics for my phone contacts. We had to cut our visit short. Anni had glitter in her eye, was absolutely miserable and frankly acting out in general even before the glitter.

We headed back but stopped in Destin to hit McGuire’s for souvenirs for family. With the drive and last minute packing, I didn’t crash until about 11:30pm. So no journal entry last night.

As I write this, we’re at the airport ready to board. I had a hissy fit at TSA pre-check as my boarding pass didn’t have it but the girls did. The guy was a jerk, made me go to the back of the regular line and made “special announcements” so that others didn’t have the same thing happen to me. Honestly, he was so rude and it was an honest mistake on my part.

I know, first world problems, and I know it’s random to get flagged but jeez. He didn’t need to be a jerk.

All in all, we had a wonderful time Signing off until our next adventure…


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