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Dubai Travels - Chicago Pre-Departure and the Long Haul Flight

Day 1: Chicago before we headed to Dubai!

Get all your sinnin’ out now because you won’t be doing it there!”-Ed on the fact that UAE has such strict rules about ALL THE THINGS.

We headed to Chicago to spend the night before our BIG flight. Took a nap, ordered in Giordanos and the kids spent time at the indoor pool. Nothing exciting. We were all very excited to leave for Dubai!!

Bowling - Chicago, Illinois
Jen noting that one pin always remains in bowling - Chicago, Illinois

Day 2 Chicago and the long haul

We started out with breakfast and back to the room to chill for awhile. Finally decided at noon we better head out since it was checkout time. We went to a retro bowling alley and had a great time.

We had bumpers on and we all still did poorly lol.

Bowling in Chicago, Illinois
The reason why there is always one pin remaining - Chicago, Illinois

Food coma - Chicago, Ilinois
Food coma - Chicago, Ilinois

Lunch at Sugar Shack-very good. A girl was celebrating her sweet 16 and they brought out a cake with sparklers. While we didn’t order one, fruit juices were served with liquid nitrogen and therefore very foggy.

Took a leisurely walk back to hotel to get bags and head to the airport.

Emirates Aircraft
Emirates Aircraft

This airline, Emirates, is POSH. And we’re in coach. We dined. The kids meal was super cute. Our entrees were very good too. I think Annicakes took half of my food.

Meal offering on Emirates Airlines to Dubai, UAE
Meal offering on Emirates Airlines to Dubai, UAE

She was soooo tired. At about 11pm she was straight up begging to go to sleep. This lasted until 2:30am lol. For the record, I wasn't stopping her.

She’s still visibly tired, watching Monsters Inc and asks, “What time is it?

Me: “3:00am Annicakes.

She looks visibly weirded out. “What in the hell are we doing awake? 3:00am is when demons come out.

Me: "What?!"

Meal offering on Emirates Airlines to Dubai, UAE
Meal offering on Emirates Airlines to Dubai, UAE

I gave her some melatonin...maybe that was what she needed. Watching a classic, Anchorman and then the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Three movies and some much needed sleep on this long haul.

Ed had a funny conversation with a Muslim gentleman. He talked about how we all need to get along and Ed agreed wholeheartedly. The gentleman said that clothing is ok too. For example, he wears his white tunic and "Americans, like you, wear offensive t-shirts". We thought that was pretty funny.

Can’t wait to land!!!

Quote of the day: Annicakes on taking her medicine and talking at the same time: "I can’t vandalize. Wait, I mean, what’s that word when you can talk without moving your mouth?" Me: "It’s ventriloquism, not vandalism. Close enough. Now go to sleep."


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