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Dubai Travel Itinerary and Review - Mall Of The Emirates and Ski Dubai

Breakfast then pool. I just got flashed by a 2 year old. His mom stripped him down naked to sun block him. Now he’s getting his suit on lol. I can’t make this up nor can I make out the language they speak. Oh God he’s naked again! Wtf lady! I realize this is acceptable in other nations.

Lee's Chicken, also known as Texas Chicken - Dubai, UAE
Lee's Chicken, also known as Texas Chicken - Dubai, UAE

Dubai Review: At the Mall of the Emirates we did a little shopping. Most importantly, we went to Ski Dubai and had a VIP Penguin Encounter. The tour was 1.5 hours with lots and lots of penguins.

VIP Penguin Encounter - Mall of Emirates
VIP Penguin Encounter - Mall of the Emirates

We got to pet them, feed them, and kiss them. I finally got to meet McFatty but he was incubating an egg for his woman. However, I did have a stalker/boyfriend.

His name was Chino. He smacked me on the leg to get my attention and then glued himself to the back of me. I’d move, he’d move. He and I had a romantic meal of fish where I handfed him. So yeah, we’re kind of a thing.

Dubai Travel Itinerary and Review: Dinner at Yo! Sushi. If you don’t know what that is, it’s sushi made fresh and served on a conveyor belt. Each type is categorized by colored bowl which is a set price range. Annicakes tried salmon sashimi and loved it! Lex tried a curry dish for the first time too.

Finished off the night with dessert at the hotel. Just some time alone with my Lex. Always love one-on-one time with my girls.

I’m beat!


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