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Canary Islands - Day 4

I set an alarm for 8am this morning. We hit up the buffet and lounged by the pool for about 1.5 hours. Lex wanted to go paint, but it was canceled, so she played archery and some other game by herself. Ed, Annicakes and I headed to the beach.

First off, you have to exit the resort at the back gate to get to the crosswalk to head over to the beach. A little bit of a trek. Second, it’s not like Florida Panhandle sand. It’s not quite as dark as Hawaii (Big island) or Costa Rica. It’s somewhere in the middle but you know what? I still burned my feet!

The water was calm and cool but not cold. The sun felt more intense on the other side of the gate. We reapplied sunblock but unsure that it really did anything. Regardless, so nice to hear the ocean, see the beautiful colors of the ocean, smell the ocean, and feel the ocean. I didn’t taste it. That’s gross. I miss my beachy vacations. There was an older woman in front of our beach chairs that looked like our sweet neighbor Carol up the street. Anni points it out to me (she finds it odd). I downplayed it by remarking that she resembled Carol. “What? You’ve seen Carol topless before?” No. No I had not, Annicakes. The sand is an interesting color. It’s definitely tan with flecks of black. When washing out swimsuits in the sink it looks like pyrite (fools gold).

We got cleaned up, some of us had lunch. Annicakes and I had a cat join us. There are 5 cats that live on the grounds. This one in particular jumped up on a chair at our table, waiting for food. Lex, on the other hand, had been begging to pet the cats, going on with her “pspspspsp” but them ignoring her.

We pretty much lounged around the suite because the sun is so intense here. Like it’s 10/10 uv rating. You can feel warm but have no idea what it’s doing to your sensitive skin that doesn’t see the light of day unless in a swimsuit. No bueno. I can feel I got too much sun.

Headed to Puerto del Carmen for dinner. Had THE BEST FOOD ALL WEEK at this little Italian place. Very affordable and very delicious. We’ve already decided if we come back we wouldn’t do an all inclusive next time.

We walked the strip. Ed and Annicakes went into a grocery store. Lex and I burned time at O’Reilly’s Irish pub. They have funny and very crass names for their drinks. I took a pic of the menu. So yeah, based on ingredients that I much prefer (and I have plenty of people who will vouch for me on this and tell you my concoction reminds them of suntan lotion) I did, in fact much to my mother’s dismay in heaven above, order THE PINK P**SY. Lex got a virgin juice drink.

We finished walking the strip and found a taxi to take us back. The driver was playing American music. “I just called (to say I love you)” by Stevie Wonder played so what do you do when you’re two REALLY STRONG drinks in and what’s never been your jam before but MOST DEFINITELY IS NOW comes on? Yes, you serenade Annicakes. Did she appreciate it? No. But the taxi driver whistled along so I’m going to take that as encouragement. As I was getting out of the cab “We are the world” came on and I really regretted not hanging out with that taxi driver a little longer.

No one wanted to hang out. They stayed up on phones. I opted for sleep instead.

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