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Australian Adventures - 2017 - Day 6

Today we went back out on the reef but a different part of the reef. It took a good 1.5 hrs to get out there. Rough seas but this was a bigger boat. It was waaaay too crowded compared to yesterday, but supposedly visibility is better at the northern outer Reef.

So when you snorkel or dive this area, you're in the middle of the ocean. No land to be seen. Ever seen Open Water, where the couple gets left out at sea? Won't happen with these ships. You have to sign in/out, they count multiple times. So how do you get on/off the boat in the middle of nowhere? Well, they have these huge platforms on pontoons. They have plenty of seating, changing rooms, a kitchen. It's huge. And to get out in the water you scoot your butt off the platform into the water. It's deep, but you can still sort of see the bottom. You swim out to the more shallow areas and see the fish and gorgeous coral.

I finally saw Nemo and his dad! They were chilling in an anemone. Highlight of my day!

Lots of other fish, some huge clams. I think yesterday's experience was better. They had an underwater walk through area and they saw a shark and a sea turtle. I stayed up on the boat.


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