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Australian Adventures - 2017 - Day 5

Today we snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef! We started our day on a 1.5 hr boat ride out to the south reef. Choppy seas was an understatement. We took sea sickness pills at the recommendation of the crew and it was still rough. They were passing out barf bags left and right! Annicakes could only chew ginger tablets. The face she made was priceless. She chewed and got it down like a high schooler drinking Mad Dog 20/20. No joke. I knew I had reasons to worry about my little party girl.

We finally made it out to the reef and purchased an additional package for a 30 minute guided tour just the four of us. Well worth it! We went out with a guide which got the confidence level up for the girls. They loved snorkeling so much that we went back out two more times. Downside to the snorkeling were the wet suits lol. (Chubby lady in a tight wet suit, chubby lady in a tight wet suit). Trying to get them off while wet was so incredibly challenging. For everyone, not just me.

We saw a ton of fish and beautiful coral. Ed and Lex saw Nemo! Lucky! But we saw Crush the sea turtle so that was pretty cool too.

The kids said they had a blast-and we did too. Annicakes said "I had fun and I didn't cry once OR have to come back to the boat." High five that one!

Tomorrow we'll be back on the reef again on the north side, so maybe Annicakes and I will see Nemo.

On a completely different topic, everyone here is "mate" no matter sex and "H" is pronounced as "haich."


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