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An Iceland Adventure- Vik

We woke up to a blanket, um let’s call it a thick duvet, of snow covering. It sure was pretty…and still snowing.  We checked out of Hotel Selfoss after a nice breakfast.  All suited up for outdoor activities in our snow pants we made the trek outside.

First stop, Urriðafoss falls.  Tiny but pretty. It was pretty rage-y for being as little as it was. You can hear it in the video. After some great shots we continued on through the City of Asholl. Ok my 13 year old self found it funny.  We popped into the Kronan  grocery store looking for treats to bring back. I have spared you all from the black licorice treats whether it be plain, rolled in sugar or covered in chocolate. I’ll keep looking for snacks to bring back.

We are driving along The Ring Road.  This road runs a circle through most of Iceland in all directions.  This is not the same as The Golden Circle which was what we were on yesterday.  Confusing, I know. We made it to our second and third waterfalls for today: Seljalandsfossand Gljufrafoss.  You can walk behind the waterfall but the path was closed off today. That was find by me as it was a dang near blizzard 🤣. Perfect day to go waterfall hunting.

We happened upon Skogafoss Waterfall but I sat that one out and let Ed go take pictures. I could see it from the car and frankly I was starting to get bored. You can only do so many before they all start to look the same.  Real text to my kids:  “Your Dad is out looking at more waterfalls. We’ve seen 4 today.”  🤣

The roads are not great. We slid a few times now. We made it to Vik and The Soup Company around 2pm.   Ed ordered the Red Hot Lava Soup and I ordered Icelandic Lamb Soup.  I’ve also gotten hooked on this Floridiana Heilsu Safi, with fruits AND veggies in it.  My soup was made with love and chunks of ground lamb, root veggies, herbs, rice in a hearty broth. Ed’s dish was some kind of goulash with a bunch of peppers.

Hotel Katla is right outside of Vik. We chose this hotel because they have a charging station for the rental car. Pulling up I didn’t know what to expect. Never judge a book by its cover!  The outside reminded me of sleep away camp. There’s a main reception with dining. Then two long buildings with one door each. You walk into the building and see a little lobby area with a table and chairs and a couch. The rooms are down a long hallway. We get to our room and I’m still so skeptical until we opened the door. Inside the room is a bench with a garment rack, kind of like you’d see in a mudroom. I’m probably not using the right words to describe it. Painted paneling in a light tan with darker brown accents on the ceiling and dark green drapes at the window.  It looked campy…but very nice. The bathroom is super tiny but functional. Breakfast is included (it was yesterday as well but not in Reykjavik).

We took a nap and were trying to decide on dinner. We were staying just past Vik and the road on the other side was closed due to the heavy snowfall.  We looked over the menu at the hotel and decided we’d brave the snow and head out for some Black Crust Pizza.  It was an 8 minute drive…we slid the whole way.

The pizza was ok. We opted for the sour dough crust but the garlic bread appetizer was on the black crust. That was delicious.  After dinner we hit up a grocery store and souvenir shop. I haven’t bought much this trip. Nothing has jumped out at me.

As we wrap up the night, I’m back at the room while Ed is braving the weather for the outdoor hot tub. Maybe I’m a party pooper but I was tired of being cold and damp and it’s sleeting slush at the moment.   I decided to make a cup of tea. Not reading Icelandic, I opened up four sugar packets, 2 cream packets, a tea bag and 2 packets which I thought were either cinnamon or like brown sugar. They weren’t. They were coffee. I quickly tossed the tea bag but letmetellya I’ve got a strong cuppa Joe right here. I think it’s time for bed.

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