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An Iceland Adventure-Reykjavik

Passport control was very easy. Our agent grilled us on why we’re not going to Ireland for St Patty’s Day.  Super nice guy-he really took his time to welcome us. We walked right through customs as we had nothing to declare. With the luggage already on the carousel we grabbed it quickly and made our way to the meeting point with the rental car agency. She was waiting with a sign.  Quick car ride as they’re all off site. This is definitely Tesla nation. They handle surprisingly well in inclement weather. It’s also a bonus that the tires are studded with little metal nubs.

There was a lot of traffic for 730am but I guess it is a work day after all. I thought the traffic lights were neat. They went in reverse. So obviously yellow to warn, red to stop. Then yellow to warn and green to go. Would be helpful back home.  As we drove up the coast we saw a bunch of swans in what I guess you’d call a pond off from the harbor.

We were so jet lagged we were fortunate to get early checkin for $35.  Yes, yes we would like a nap! We threw our bags in the room and just opted for hotel breakfast. Tomorrow we’ll be more adventurous and find a bakery.  We did take a nap for a couple of hours.

When we woke up we walked through downtown to the harbor to check out a restaurant we saw in a Netflix documentary called “Somebody Feed Phil” called Seabaron/Saegreifinn.   (That show is awesome by the way. A great travel documentary series that’s entertaining).   Ed had the lobster soup with fresh bread.  I sampled and it was amazing and I’m not a lobster fan. We ordered a shrimp skewer, a whitefish skewer and a potato skewer. We also added on the dipping sauces. Which is something to note. If you want them you have to ask for them, otherwise they’re not included. We split the food and lunch was about $66 usd.

We walked back to the room because I’m pretty sure I have pneumonia again based on how I feel. I took another nap while he explored the church and Rainbow Street.

We ventured out to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner which was around $45 usd. We were ready for our northern lights tour!

We boarded the boat at 8pm for a 9pm departure.  I always try to bring in little fun facts about our destinations.  Did you know, Aurora borealis was named by Galileo in the 1600’s?  Yep.  We never saw them that night. There was a whale hanging out by the boat but you couldn’t really see him/her.  We talked to a college kiddo from Washington U. It was truly an uneventful boat ride. I think we were just still jet lagged and at this point in the trip I’m getting pretty sick. We docked around 11pm and hit up this sandwich shop that was literally the only thing open in the city center.   It was ok, nothing crazy.  We crashed.

Meanwhile back at home, the girls decided to cook for dinner. They made popcorn shrimp, Mac n cheese and wait, green beans? Only after our neighbor Robin walked down to help them use the electric can opener because they couldn’t figure it out. Smoke detector went off too, though briefly.

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